Retrofit of Vista Automation to EvolutionV5 on MFV Asbjørn

MFV Asbjørn was delivered from Karstensens Shipyard in 2008 with an Vista Automation alarm system supplied by MCS. During the past years the crew initiated a project to retrofit the alarm system to an integrated control system. Based on experience from recent delivered ships and a hectic working environment on board, the engineers wanted to increase the efficiency and reduce the time spent to run between separate manual systems.

MCS offered a “smart” retrofit where the I/O cards are reused when the process controllers and graphic work stations are replaced. Additional to adding more work station, the previous manual fuel oil valves are integrated for remote control. The old manual operated Peilo is replaced by an Autogauge V1 tank sounding system integrated to EvolutionV5. With the new system the crew will have full overview of the entire engine room and save time when they can check the status from the ECR, in the engine room, the deckhouse or in the WH. With the MCS Utility station the engineers have remote access to the ship when they are ashore from their smart phone, tablet or a PC. The remote access enables the engineers to support the local watchman between the fishing seasons when the ship is laid up with troubleshooting or activating the correct procedures in an event of emergency.

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