Integrated ship automation
for the future

The right choice for every vessel.

Evolution IAS is the fifth generation of, what is now, a well proven technology.

Starting back in 1984 with the first micro controller-based exhaust gas monitoring system, via different generations as Camos and Vista, we are now in the forefront of technology with the Evolution IAS. A rugged hardware and software platform, combined with the best service organization there is, makes Evolution IAS the perfect choice for use on board.

Evolution IAS is developed to handle the demands for Integrated alarm & control system for the engine plant with remote control of pumps, valves and other peripheral equipment such as engines, generators and switch board.

Evolution IAS can be used on any kind of ships due to its scalability and opportunities for tailor-made solutions. On cargo ships the remote operation of the cargo plant may be a separate system or a part of the integrated solution which enables the crew to full overview the entire ship from any works station in engine control room, cargo control room or in the wheel house. With MCS’ long experience with deliveries to all kinds of vessels, we can guarantee that you will get a state of the art product which fulfil your requirements for sustainable and safe operation during the entire lifetime of the vessel.

Evolution IAS is made with OPC-UA communication as the backbone.
As OPC-UA is now also being embraced by other suppliers and classifications societies as the standard, we are ready to face the future.




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