The most important asset
aboard the vessel is your crew.

Our safety systems for both Bridge & Engine areas are made to protect your crew and officers.

The hardware in BNWAS and Dead Man systems are based on the same platform, with compact modules, of the shelf for easy installation and operation. With extensive experience since 2005, over 5000 systems have been delivered until now. Type approved (wheel marked) according the latest international standard IEC 62616 and by all major classification societies.

BNWAS and Dead Man Systems

  • Easy and comfortable use on bridge area or for engine room watch
  • 2 x 16 character display with blue night illumination generates maximum of information and comfort
  • Compact connecting module picks-up all periphery equipment
  • Easy to install (complete installation within 3 min.)
  • Modern control philosophy with rotary encoder allows checking all connected devices and links.
  • Fully in compliance with IEC 62616


Typical BNWAS installation: