Quality Policy

The aim of MCS is to produce and deliver products and solutions that meet our customers’ requirements, expectations and needs in both short and long term. Our products must also meet the requirements of the authorities and the company itself. MCS will deliver agreed product and solutions at the right time and price. Quality policy must always be in accordance with the organization’s purpose.  The quality system is documented and comply with the requirements of NS-EN ISO 9001: 2008.

Customer in focus

Customers and customers' requirements should be the focus of everything MCS does. MCS will through close contact with customers try to receive quick and complete feedback about the quality of their products. This also ensure that MCS identifies changes and meets the customers' new needs quickly.


Our suppliers are our partners. We will make our knowledge available to improve their processes and products, as well as giving them specific and unique specifications. Suppliers will be selected based on our requirements for quality and price.

Management's responsibility

Responsibility for quality is rooted in top management.